Make your wedding more special and unique with an outdoor wedding theme. Depending on your style and preference, there are several outdoor wedding themes that you can choose from.

outdoor wedding themesFor one, you can go for a country fair wedding. This kind of wedding theme is casual and laidback, with picnic tables as your table setting and your food consists of fried dough, hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, cotton candy and corn-on-the-cob. You can incorporate several crafts into your centerpiece and play to the tune of old-fashioned songs where you can all square or line dance. Also, you may want to set up fun games such as apple bobs or potato sack races. Finally, give away homemade cookies to your guests.

Another exciting outdoor wedding idea is a tropical beach wedding. Have fun putting tropical touches to your wedding such as beach balls, palm trees, sandcastles, seashells, surfboards and many others. You can use pails with sand and shovels for your centerpieces as well. Serve your wedding guests with Caribbean food and give them fresh fruit like bananas, limes and mangoes to take home.

For an outdoor wedding theme that is filled with all that celebrity glitz and glamour, consider a Hollywood wedding theme. You can use director chairs for the wedding couple to sit on, with cameras positioned around the venue and directing towards your guests. You can dress in sparkling colors accentuated with rhinestones or costume jewelry. Moreover, serve elegant courses with wine and then send away autographed wedding photos by the newlyweds.

On the other hand, a circus wedding theme can make for an affair that brims in gaiety and revelry too. You can have your wedding organizers don clown costumes or officiate as a ringmaster. Make sure that everyone in your wedding wear bold and bright colors. You can also decorate your wedding setting with fun streamers, nets, bright balloons, animals and all things circus-y. Serve your guess corndogs, cotton candy, hotdogs, peanuts and popcorn and then finally give them animal crackers to take home.

Meanwhile, you can try an outdoor historical site wedding too. A great idea for this kind of wedding theme is to dress up, serve food, play music and dance the way the very first people who occupied or lived in the site did. Send off your guests with souvenir items of the site from a local gift shop.

And if you are planning a winter wedding, why not try a ski or snowboarding wedding? Unlike a traditional wedding, this theme is quite extreme in which everyone is dressed up in full gear and then skis or snowboards ‘down the aisle’. Serve hot chocolate to your guests after the ceremony then lead them to the reception proper. Send them off with a pair of ski/snowboarding gloves or hat.

Choose from any of these outdoor wedding themes for a truly fun and exciting wedding!

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