It is true that no one can rival the beauty Mother Nature provides. If you have opted for an outdoor wedding very minimal decoration will be required. The scenery itself is the most natural decoration you can ever have. However some outdoor wedding ideas will enhance the beauty and add the final touch to an outdoor wedding setting without distracting the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Wedding arches is one of the outdoor wedding ideas. The wedding arch can be a simple one without any decorations. Or you can have the wedding arch decorated with the same kind of flower and ribbons carried by the wedding entourage. Ready made arches are sold by wedding supply providers but if you are a DIYer you can make one that will blend in with the wedding theme.

You might think that flowers would be superfluous in a garden wedding but flower arrangements are necessary to fill bare and empty places in the wedding area. Aside from that if the garden is pretty vast; these flower arrangements will indicate which area of the garden will be used for the wedding. However, the flowers must be chosen carefully so as not to be identical with the other flowers. The selected flower should also complement and harmonize with the existing flowers in the garden.

Special light arrangements are great ideas for an outdoor wedding. For an evening outdoor wedding, string fairy lights on trees and plants will add a touch of elegance to the setting. Custom made wedding lanterns on trees would surely look nice.

If there is a pool or a pond, another outdoor wedding idea is to scatter rose petals on the water. Floating candles on the pool water will lend a romantic appeal to the setting. A floating dove cage with a pair of doves inside is another novel idea.

There are a lot of outdoor wedding ideas. Creating an attractive, stylish and elegant setting will only be limited by your imagination. However, it would be wise not to overdo the decorations as nothing can ever rival the beauty of a natural setting.


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